The first day of Winter felt like the middle of summer. Well, the early morning commute through the fog and across the Nornalup Inlet before sunrise felt like Winter, but once the sun rose it warmed up and turned out to be one of those memorable mornings. Light offshore winds with not a cloud in the sky greeted us as we arrived at The Right. As soon as we arrived in the channel, I somehow managed to drop 5 memory cards into the water, which sank very quickly leaving me wondering how I just managed that and how I was going to ration the remaining shots left on the one lonely card I hadn't thrown into the ocean . Things soon turned around, with consistent 6-8ft, with the odd sneaky 10-12ft bomb coming through, the boys took turns wave for wave, with not another person in sight for miles.

Surfers:  Ben Vietch, Jake Osman, Kyle Ward and Cian Salmon.