This time of year down on the south coast of Western Australia is nothing short of amazing. The weather can change in an instant bringing with it some incredible lighting conditions. One moment it's sunny, then a few clouds appear, then it starts to rain bringing out a few rainbows, before a thunderstorm hits and you can't see more than a few metres ahead of you. Then of course the sun comes back out. Amongst all the perfect surfable waves on the south coast, there a few that are probably borderline. Great to photograph as they are so unpredictable in the way they break, that no two wave ever really does the same thing. Nonetheless, the boys did give it a crack, even if there wasn't more than a foot of water on the reef. Highlight of the trip was helping out a couple of blokes that had to set off flares after sucking up there tow rope and seeing a little penguin casually swim past us.

Surfers: Jake Osman and Leon Teale