What an epic/eventful trip. Covering 2000kms in 3 days to photograph one of Australia's most renown waves, Cyclops. It doesn't matter how prepared you think you are for a long trip, there is always something else that can throw a spanner in the works. After travelling 12hrs and finally reaching our destination, we find the ski won't turn over because the spark plugs decided to die on the trip down. This resulted in a 2hr drive back to town and a sleep over at a mates parents house (thanks Timmy), until the shops open the next morning. The coastline, water, beaches and wildlife around the Esperance area is insanely beautiful. Cyclops itself is one of the most photogenic waves I have ever seen. The swell bends and warps as it hits a shallow, barnacle covered reef shelf that juts out off a small island. The lighting conditions and weather change so often it's hard to tell what lies around the corner.

Lesson learned from this trip, bring spare spark plugs.